• Meet the people behind the cars
    Meet the people behind the cars

    Porsche Club of America Metro NY Region

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The PCA Metro New York Region:

Our club was originally founded in 1952 as The New York Porsche Club. This was a year before Max Hoffman began importing 356’s into the USA and three years before PCA was founded! Metro NY joined The Porsche Club of America in 1958 and officially became the Metro New York Region of PCA.

Trek Events

Porsches need to get out on the open road and that is what Trek is all about.   We design and implement routes that take us off the roads most frequently travelled and onto back roads with beautiful scenery.

Driver Education (Track)

The PCA DE Program is designed so that participants can improve their driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and driving safety.

Rally Events

A rally can be competitive or for fun. The objective of a rally is to follow a course, usually on public roads, to the precise detail specified in the rules.

Sim Racing

Porsche Club of America Sim Racing is a year-round track simulation driving that you can join as a PCA Member from the comfort of your own home.  


In simple terms, a Concours is a car show. The idea is to show your car in its most perfect condition (usually cleanliness and like new condition.) In general, each car starts out perfect and as the judge finds something amiss, points are deducted. 

Autocross Events

The Autocross Program is designed to teach each participant advanced car control techniques so that the participants can improve their driving abilities, better understand the handling and dynamics of their vehicle in a real-world environment, and become better, safer drivers.

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Volunteering for Metro NY PCA

It’s not just the cars, it’s the people. We have the cars but now are looking for the people.
Would you like to get involved in the behind the scenes workings of the club? Now is your chance! If you are interested or know a member who might be, please contact region President Bill Rudtner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with intent or any questions.
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For over 65 years, the Porsche Club of America has been dedicated to enhancing the Porsche ownership experience. No matter what you interest - social, technical or competitive - PCA has something to offer every Porsche owner.

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