Date of Event: 
Saturday, February 8, 2020 -
9:00am to 12:00pm

Tech Corner John Mingst  


WOW the cold is finally here.  Before I jump into the detail of our next Technical/Concours prep tech session I have a short house cleaning message.  I know many of us tuck away our cars for the winter.  Hopefully the car is on a trickle charger, fuel treated, extra air in the tires but frankly if there is one thing I would like to see you do is to every once in a while go out and start the car.  Warm it up.  There is reason for this madness, and that is keeping seals moving and lubricated by running the engine.  More often than not oil leaks in our engines are caused by lack of use not over use.  As the seals, especially the rear main seal, sit still for a long period of time the will leak from lack of crank rotation and lubrication.  So, my short message is run that car if you can throughout the winter.


Now on to the fun stuff.  Have you ever wanted to have a force field around your car protecting it from chips, door dings, careless people, I know I have?  Well short of adding your own version of a Mr. fusion thermo reactor with electrically charged perimeter wire, I do have another solution.  631 Coatings located on 258 Broad hollow rd. (Rt110) Farmingdale NY, has invited us to get a better understanding of how we can protect or repair the paint on our beloved cars.  631 coatings focuses on prevention and that is what we want.  They use a product From SunTek a clear film that when properly applied is not only invisible but also has self healing properties.  The properties we will demonstrate that day.  Putting film on the car is really the final step.  Surface preparation is critical for the right look.  Did you know there is a difference between paint restoration and paint detailing?  There is, and we will see what this means.   Carl and his team have over 20 years in this business.  They have been featured at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and work on some of the most unusual cars on the road.  Come on out as this is also a great chance to get together in the winter.  There will be coffee and light food served to keep us energized.

This event is a great dual purpose event from a technical aspect we will see how the chemical make up of this product delivers the performance that paint cannot from the concours position this product works with you in your pursuit to keep the look of your car as it was originally delivered.

So do it now, mark your calendar Saturday February 8th 9am -12pm, 631 Coatings 258 Broad hollow rd. (Rt110) Farmingdale NY, phone 631-865-3456. When you arrive please park behind the building there is lots of room back there for all of us.  Come around to the front door and take in the eye candy!