“Car thieves used to have crowbars; now they use laptops,”

This is a great article I read from The New York Times, which I am sharing here.

Automotive security is as important as ever today; as it's been in the last 50 years. There are some great "NEW" products that will not only; reduce your insurance cost, but also alert you if your vehicle was tampered with, bumped, jostled. 

Rally for Fun

What is a Rally?  Rally; (Mirriam-Webster) transitive verb

 1a : to muster for a common purpose

  b : to recall to order

2a : to arouse for action

Check Engine Light

Recently; I had a pesky annoying issue with my 911 Carrera (996), the yellow "check engine light" CEL came on, even though the car seemed to run fine. The dreaded message, check engine go to the shop, which sounds worse then the reality.

Spring Road Trip

Just the words alone conjure up adventure, excitement and venturing into the unknown. On this long awaited spring day I was eager to get on the road early and travel up to Bedford, New York from Manhattan; roughly 42 miles; about an hour's worth of excitement behind the wheel.