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Metro NY PCA 2023 DE Loyalty Program Terms and Condions.

Metro NY PCA is offering a loyalty rebate program for 2023 DE attendees who register and pay for at least seven (7) of our nine (9) HPDE events this year by May 1st, 2023 (the “Program”). The terms are as follows:

1) Eligibility for the Program is limited to PCA members in good standing.
2) The Program offers a 10% rebate of the Program participant’s (the “Participant”) total 2023 Metro NY PCA DE Registration fees only.
3) The participant (must register and pay for at least seven (7) of nine (9) Metro NY HPDE events by May 1st, 2023 to qualify.
4) The Program cannot be combined with other discounts or refunds. In other words, if a participant takes a refund or credit which reduces their paid partition in the 2023 season to fewer than seven (7) DE events, they forfeit any 2023 DE season loyalty rebate. Participants may cancel events and apply for a refund just like any other registrant, but they must understand and acknowledge the possible impact on their qualification for the loyalty rebate.
5) Each participant must inform the DE Registrar that they are participating in the Program by May 1st, 2023 in writing by email, and ensure they have received acknowledgment from the DE registrar. 6) The Program will rebate participants 10% of their total 2023 Metro NY PCA registration fees following the final DE of the year, ideally by November 20, 2023.
7) If a participant registers and pays for the qualifying seven (7) of nine (9) 2023 DEs and maintains qualifications, they may register and pay for either or both of the other 2023 DE events and will also receive a 10% rebate for them on the same basis.
8) A participant’s eligibility and qualification for the Program will not be impacted if Metro NY PCA is forced to cancel a DE event in such manner as that all registrants receive refunds for the canceled DE event.

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