Ted Ohland the Man who started it all

On February 9th 2011 a cornerstone of Metro was taken from us. Ted Ohland passed away on this day. Ted was a founding member of a car club called the New York Porsche Club. The New York Porsche Club changed its name to The Metropolitan New York Region of PCA when they agreed to join the Porsche Club of America. Ted spoke with great pride that the New York Porsche Club was established before PCA existed and it was PCA who recruited the New York group.

Metro was a huge part of Ted's life but the reality is Ted was a huge part of Metro's life. He served the Club in every possible capacity and never wanted the public accolades he so richly deserved. During lean times Ted lent Metro money so the Club could host events and continue to serve the membership. It was extremely important that Metro offer a wide variety of events providing entertainment to Porsche owners with various interests.

Ted was instrumental in creating about fifty of Metro's fifty-five Snowflake Rally's. Ted was not only Metro's Rally Master he also wrote Rally's for many Porsche Parades and traveled as far away as San Diego to do so. Ted was also the Editor of the Porsche Post for many years. But even after relinquishing that position, the professor still proof-read many of the articles published by his successors.

Ted will be missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing him and especially those who could call him friend.