Friends-of-KarenFriends of Karen's mission  is to provide emotional, financial and advocacy support for children with a life-threatening illness, and their families, in order to help keep them stable, functioning and able to cope. The majority of the children have cancer and their families are devastated emotionally and financially by the disease. They  service children birth-21 years of age residing in the New York tri-state area. 

Friends of Karen’s experienced social workers, child-life specialists and expressive-arts therapists help in countless ways. No other organization provides such comparable and comprehensive psychosocial support, at no cost to families.

For 40 years, Friends of Karen has served as a lifeline of support to  more  than 15,000 children and their families.  

They offer the following support:

Emotional Support:

Their professional staff make home and hospital visits and  are always there to guide their families from diagnosis through treatment and hopefully cure.

Financial Support:

They help families pay their basic living expenses; rent/mortgage/utilities/food and illness-related bills, when, due to their child’s  illness, they cannot manage on their own.

Sibling Support:

Their staff of sibling support specialists help siblings cope with the tremendous psychosocial impact of their brother's or sister's illness on their lives. 


They help secure the special services and essential public and private resources families need while their child tackles cancer or another life-threatening illness.  

Bereavement Support:

Friends of Karen helps with a child's funeral expenses and provides emotional  bereavement support to help the family move forward with their lives.

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