Recently; I had a pesky annoying issue with my 911 Carrera (996), the yellow "check engine light" CEL came on, even though the car seemed to run fine. The dreaded message, check engine go to the shop, which sounds worse then the reality.

 Fortunately; I was heading in the correct direction, back to the city and the dealer is en route, I dropped it off, and waited for the diagnostics. Within a day I had the results, bad O2 sensor left bank, p2096 and approximately $1165 dollars later I was on my way.

 As a tech and mechanical inclined guy I felt I needed to be able to be a bit more in control and be able to diagnose the issue in the future. While chatting with fellow Metro PCA members I became aware of a few expensive and inexpensive solutions. I chose a rather inexpensive product that was easy and reliable, BlueDriver by lemur monitors provides a nice mobile phone "APP"; yes another Digital toy. After some consideration; I got to thinking how this approach make perfect sense, you have the hardware; Apple iPhone, iPad, Google android so the software is relatively inexpensive $100 with periodic software updates.

This application leverages the built-in "blue-tooth" mobile phone device driver to communicate to it's ODB2 connector which virtually turns your mobile phone into a professional OBD2 Scan Tool. Very Cool.

 Now you can scan your codes, get a baseline, clear codes, and become more informed.

 You may consider this as a starter device to get in tune with your vehicle.