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 From the Editor ED REINER
Metro’s 2019 season is approaching despite the snow and cold weather. While I am looking out the window at a snowstorm, the planning, plotting and strategizing are in full swing and the calender is getting full. We hope to see more members show up, participate and have some fun. We really are a friendly bunch of people.
We have finalized the DE, Rally, AutoCross and Cars and Coffee schedules but we may add things as we get closer to Spring. I think we have an activity scheduled nearly every weekend so there are no excuses for not coming out. It appears we have more Cars and Coffee events this year (both Metro and “community” or Non-Porsche events), which means more early morning coffee and bagels. How I look forward to wearing shorts and detailing my cars rather than just peeking under the covers while wearing a winter coat.
Bob DeMotta whose photography is well represented in this issue. Julia Lo- max is now handling our loyal advertisers and we always ask our readers to visit them. Lastly, we see that our new concours chair, Dave Neese, is hard at work to put the finishing touches on our concours schedule. Keep an eye on the Metro schedule on the website.
In mid-February, a few hearty Metro members (and 100 of our closest frients from the Northeast) at- tended the Porsche Tech Tactics session in Easton, PA. While we did get a close-up view of the new 2020 Porsche 992 which was presented by Simon Lohre from Porsche in Germany, (its a high-tech rocket on a new digital platform - its bigger and faster than the 991.2), we listened to lectures on tires, motor oil, restoration and a terrific overview of the state of the Porsche marketplace. It was a lot to take in, but since most of the attendees have attended previously (me included), it reflects on the passion of the Porsche owner and confirms that there is no such thing as too much information.
Some highlights reflected in this issue: Pictures of the Snowflake Rally from Hauppague to Riverhead, the grand opening of Gold Coast Porsche in Jericho, and the detailed description of how to register
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Cover: Tanja Stadnic’s painting of Tom Papadopoulos’s 1964 356 C Cab as a tribute to Metro’s 60th anniversary. See story on Page 19
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We welcome a couple of new people to the Board, and I want to acknowledge

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