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Glass - Cleaning and
Luke Parise PADNY Detailing
around and streaking up.
*Another little pro tip that you may want to think about...*
We like to clean the glass inside and outside in dif- ferent patterns. For the inside glass we usually work in vertical patterns. This helps cutdown the visible re- flections if there are in fact streaks. On the outside we clean in horizontal patterns. This process helps too be- cause if spots are missed or if streaks are visible, it becomes much easier to determine which side of the glass needs to be re-worked.
Another important thing to work on is the actual pores of the glass. Soap, water and glass cleaner are ad- equate for maintenance, but getting the glass cleaned properly and coated in something is key.
In order to deeply cleanse the glass, we clay it. This actually helps remove deeper imbedded particles and preps the surface for what’s to follow. Clay can be pur- chased online or in auto parts stores. It is important to wash the glass first and use plenty of lubricant with the clay to prevent it from sticking.
Last but not least, the glass needs some durable pro- tection!
There are many water repellant products that can pur- chased in large chain stores. These products aren’t usually made of high-quality chemicals. They often require reapplication because they wear away quickly. Products like rain-x work for what they are. A better op- tion would be to get some type of sealant on it. A high- quality sealant can be applied by machine or by hand, and then buffed off carefully. For this type of applica- tion, we like to use products such as Rejex, Wolfgang’s Sealant or Griot’s Glass Sealant. This is an adequate DIY method for the weekend warriors.
On the market are other more durable forms of protec- tion that require professional installation. These prod- ucts are typically ceramic coatings and other coatings such as Glassparency. These typically are much more durable and come with warranties such as 2-3 years whereas the commercial sealants typically last a month or so. The professional products provide an extended duration of protection as well as other benefits. (Continued on Page 52)
Let’s talk about glass...
Everyone loves to see their car looking clean and shiny, but many overlook the glass. Having the glass properly cleaned and sealed will add a sparkle to your car. It will also improve visibility, particularly during very sunny or messy wet weather which will give you a safer ride. Yes, clean glass can actually be a lifesaver.
Cleaning glass is tricky! If you’ve ever felt this way or have found yourself ranting and raving while trying to get it perfect, you’re not alone. From the awkward an- gles you have to be in to the constant in and out of the car to check your progress, it is really tough.
There is no 100% fool proof way to clean glass. Ev- eryone seems to have a slightly different technique or product combination that they like to use. If this is you, and you’ve found something that you like to use, stick with it. Below we’re just going to list a few of the tech- niques and products that we have come to like and use regularly.
Our go to solution is a dilution of ipa (isopropyl Alcohol) and distilled water. We like this because a little goes a really long way and it evaporates very quickly. There is also a large array of over the counter products or other products that can be diluted and used effectively. Products such as Sprayway and invisible glass are two prominent names in the market, and both work great. Other products such as ONR (Optimum no rinse) can be purchased and then added to distilled water too. We have used all of the above and can attest to them all working well, it really comes down to personal prefer- ence.
It also really comes down to the towels! Most issues with cleaning glass stem from either over using product or using the wrong towels. We are always using clean and totally dry towels. Waffle weave or other “glass specific” towels are the way to go. They tend to be a bit more expensive, but they make a huge difference. It is also super important to make sure that the towel you’re using is dry. Often times people tend to use the same towel or two towels for all of the windows. Just think about how much cleaner and dirt are soaked into that surface by the time all of the windows are done. Half- way through the car the cleaner is just being spread all

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