Page 50 - PCA Metro NY Region 2019 March POST
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 Welcome to all the new members in this issue! There are a great deal of benefits as a member beyond receiving the POST and National’s publication, PANORAMA. The following is a short summary of what Metro PCA is all about.
Our Region of National PCA sponsors various events, such as autocross, rally, concours d’elegance (competition to see how clean your car is!) driver education (on a race rack) days and meetings at local shops/dealerships on various top- ics. All of these are designed to help us enjoy the fine vehicles that we own. All new members receive a welcome gift of a coupon for one free Metro event or 50% off a driver education event-make sure you use it!
In keeping with the times, we have a website, for local, current information and National PCA’s website is, is where other interested P-car owners can join very easily on-line. You will also see an invi- tation to join Metro’s Facebook page on
the website. The page has become very useful in getting out the word about addi- tions or changes to any events. Please join the Metro FB Group using the link on our website.
We currently have 3,240 members and their affiliates who are also welcome to take advantage of the clubs activities in our region which encompasses the five boroughs of NYC, Long Island and West- chester. There must be someone you know that may not be a member and we encourage you to contact them.
A very popular (and new) program from National PCA is the Test Drive pro-
gram where those who are looking for a Porsche can have access to the cars for sale that are in PANORAMA and the on- line mart, both for members only National PCA lets us know of those looking to buy a Porsche and we contact them and help them in their search. Test Drive mem- bers also can attend events, which is a great way to network and hear about P- cars that are for sale. Two new members listed in this issue came to be members after joining the Test Drive program. It’s been a proven program for purchasing Porsches....say that fast three times!
Adele and Peter Portanova

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