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North Country Update Ed Reiner
 The engine on my ‘86 Carrera is being put back together and I hope to see it on the road in another month. (See below right). Starting with the filthy core (shown last month) now to this polished, painted and nearly assembled marvel of air cooled enginnering (below right), I have to visit it from time to time to monitor the progress. The pistons are in, the cylinders are installed and the intake manifold is mount- ed. Honestly, it is agonizing to see it come together so nicely (after 18 years of owner- ship) and not be able to drive it. A ‘thank you’ to the guys at Rennwerke Porsche for putting up with me.This 33 year old engine is getting ready to hit the road.
We have a nice schedule for north country members coming together for this season, and this includes a few Cars and Coffee meet- ings and we are working on a Concours in Westchester. The Pound Ridge Car Show is already on the books for September 14th, and we had a good crowd of Metro members last year. The food and music is always a plus. I am looking to see about a Cars and Coffee
at one the leading restoration shops in West- chester.
North Country residents of Metro will also be happy to know that a few of us will head over
to the New Canaan Caffeine and Carbeura- tors on April 14, located in town at Pine & Elm. This is a car community event which at- tracts rare and exotic cars from New England. Porsche parking is set aside at 58 Pine Street if you want to join. You will want to get there a bit early if you want to park there.
There are a couple of Cars and Coffee events scheduled for this season here in Westches- ter and we hope to have a concours on the agenda as well, as arrangements are in de- velopment.

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