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ing with this. Yes, the gear selector looks ridicu- lous. One of those ideas that was great in theory but did not translate into a practical part. A good analogy would probably be the sportomatic se- lector of yesteryear. Barring this minor lapse in judgment within the design teams ranks, the re- mainder looks appropriate for its new class, be- ing a Luxury GT and in my eyes comparable to the Mercedes, Aston Martin, and Bentley. I still find Ferrari to be the only brand sticking with the minimal but beautifully appointed interior space approach. A follow-up article on the interior to come after I can actually sit in a 992. The exte- rior, well, what can I say expect it looks like a 991 which looks like a 911. I believe the rear end will receive a welcome facelift with 992.2, but oth- erwise, it is the technology the car is now offer- ing that you are paying for. Automatic transfer into a wet mode when the vehicle detects water, neat door handles that pop out of the door (drag resistant ;-), non-operational/functional exhaust tips, perhaps most importantly the rear engine mount now fitted to the cylinder heads for opti- mum weight transfer and larger intercooler fed through the rear spoiler. These are just a couple features which makes it the best 911 to date.
It is safe to say this generation 911 will be the most reliable, performance-driven, and comfort- able Porsche 911. The next car to watch out for is going to be the 718 GT4 to be initially outfit- ted with a manual gearbox, and all the bells and whistles Leipzig has on the shelf.
If you have the itch visit one of our Metro NY PCA sponsor dealerships for a test drive of the 992 when available.
By Michael Tashjian Technical Chair
Antoine de Saint Exupery said it best, “perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”
The new 911, chassis designation 992, could not be further from this truth of function over form, this does not, however, hurt its overall score against its competitors. The 992 delivers in its Carrera S configuration a proper Grand Touring experience with extravagant electrics and comfort features, which I am basing solely on the photos and mar- keting literature thus far, and a promise to be money well spent. Many purists including I adore the minimalist environment the Porsche 911 once had or at least up until the 996. However, as with everything in life, there must be progres- sion and evolution. The 992 is, without doubt, the most advanced and best performing Porsche 911 to date, notwithstanding limited production models such as GT’s and so forth. The new 911 S with its 443 horses and eight-speed PDK transmission, seamlessly ingrates a luxurious sedan and lightweight long wheelbase sportscar together, should that be the sort of thing you are striving for. All the while keeping a little space for an electric motor down the line. When entering this spaceship themed interior with tiny buttons and big screens, the customization opportunities become apparent as well as its intuitive design. The ergonomically correct interior, unlike that of the 996/997, has welcome finishing’s but limited practicality. You the reader know where I am go-

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