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There’s not much to say this time of year except that the season is set. By the time you read this the autocross Seminar and mini school will be in the record books as well as two to three other events. I will be excited to report actual events next month and hopefully my result
will be favorable. Right now I am considering myself in first place and I am toying around with the idea of cancelling the season and awarding myself with the Autocrosses of the Year Award. Todd Roth won it last year, and I am sure he
would be more than happy to hand it over. The trophy is so big it’s probably taking up too much room in his house.
Anyway, while you are reading this I hope your cars are ready, your tires are changed, your helmet has been cleaned, your numbers are affixed, and you are ready to skillfully navi- gate a sea of cones. See the schedule in this issue and clear your calendars. Autocross is here. Hope to see you out there.
Skid remarks
Cars and Coffee Schedule for 2019*
April 13th - Collector Car Showcase, Oyster Bay - Concours Workshop April 27th - Gold Coast Porsche - Jericho
May 18th - Collector Car Showcase, Oyster Bay
June 1st - Rennwerke Porsche, Elmsford, NY
June 15th - Autosport Designs, Huntington, NY
July 20th - Buttercup’s Dairy Store, Pt. Jefferson * Events may be added, please check the Metro Website

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