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Following our well-attended Cars and Coffee
at Rennwerke Porsche, a few of the Metro members attended the Hayfields Cars and Coffee event in North Salem, NY. The weather was very cooperative as this little roadside bistro was very crowded with a wide variety of exotic and custom cars, largely of the Porsche variety. A bunch of Metro members showed up including a few from New York City came to this oasis in the country. I had the chance to meet Rocky Deluca, our new West area director. We agreed that you can’t beat the rural, open roads of northern Westchester. The attendence got
Letter to the Editor (Trek #1 feedback):
From: <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, Jul 6, 2019, 4:08 PM
Subject: Re: June Trek - Feedback, comments To: <[email protected]>
jump in to direct traffic. Attendees were well behaved and the quick “get together” ran most of the morning. Check back on August 4th for the next one.
I am doing the Vintage Rally this year. The distance from Northern Westchester to the final destination in Southold, Long Island is 120 miles each way. I am looking forward to this trip and it is expected to be sold out.
We are working on another cars and coffee in the late summer or early fall up here in northern Westchester, as well as a couple of coffee or breakfast runs before the end of the season. We will keep you posted.
a bit overwhelming and the local police had to
North Region Update Ed Reiner
   Of course as we thought it was one of the best courses ever!
A sold out crowd of Porsche owners and guests gathered on Sunday, June 23, for the first trek in 2019. Stew and Sue Teichman outdid themselves as they mapped out a professional race / Trek course, which made for many happy Porsche drivers. We met at our usual location in New Rochelle, with local restaurant opening early to accommodate us for breakfast/bathrooms. Then we were off. Most of used the ride app, which verbally dictated turns and spots to be on the lookout for. With one driver at the end as the sweeper car, there are so few mistakes with the app that the sweeper car had an easy job this time. Beautiful scenery, curves, and different terrain were all part of our trip. We all compared notes over lunch at our own personal restaurant Monte’s in Amenia, which we completely took over with our sold out trekkers. Sign up now for the August 24 trek to Brewster, NY. Thanks again, to our fearless trek leaders, Stew and Sue, for an outstanding day of driving. We all loved it!
Sue Graf
Metro NY member

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