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(Rudtner, from page 41)
We all watched the weather radar as time ticked away. There was another small rain cloud com- ing but when would it get here? We had some lunch and rested up a bit as we killed some time before our second race. This race was scheduled to go off at 2pm. After much thought we decided to go with dry weather tires. It turned out to be a good decision. Hunt McMahon and Hoyt Am- midon actually turned faster lap times than I did during the first race so they both grid ahead of me for the start of this second race. Rain threatened as we sat on grid but the race went off in the dry. Thankfully this race was uneventful. Both Hunt McMahon and Hoyt Ammidon were faster than I and I settled happily for a third place finish. Jon Bednarsh finished 6th. Marc placed 13th with our friend Todd Roth, battling new suspension set up, came in 16th. More importantly was that we all finished unscathed.
We awoke Sunday to dry weather but we knew rain was coming. Before we arrived at the track the rain was coming down. We all decided to fore- go the morning warm up session except for Dan. Turns out, Dan loves the rain. At the start of our 60 minute Enduro Dan and I ran away from the pack again. After the first half an hour of racing the lead we had on the rest of the field was laugh- able. Most of the racers were counting on the rain to stop. Most started the race on dry weather tires. We went out on rains with a strategy to switch over to the dry weather tires during our pit stop. This gave us a huge advantage at the beginning of the race. With the track still wet in most sections as I went into turn 9, in the braking zone my right front tire locked up. The car tried to go off to the right but I released the brake in time and kept the car on the track. Two turns later going into turn 11 the tire locked again. I almost hit the wall but again I stayed on track. I radioed the boys “I’m com- ing in to pit this next lap. You’ll need to check my tires. I’m having a braking issue.” On the next lap I came into the pits. The guys checked what they could. They didn’t see anything. We should have put the dry tires on then but we didn’t. As I went back onto the hot track I was still in 1st place but Hunt McMahon was right on my tail. I mean, right on my tail. Up the esses and down the back straightway we flew. As we approached the bus stop Hunt went to my right. I tried to brake late holding my position but my car lunged left then right and I spun going into the bus stop. Luckily I didn’t hit him. I got back on track but now out of first place. Going down the chute looking to turn
left the brake locked and I could not help but hit the outside guardrail. SH$T!!! As I sat there for a second or three I thought “Man I can still finish”. I got the car off the rail. Watching my mirrors for any leaking fluids I saw none so I continued on. Dan came up on my right and I let him go by. I ra- dioed to him “Dan, as you go by take a quick look at my car. Let me know if I should continue.” He said I looked ok. I was able to take the car across the finish line in 4th place. Hunt, Hoyt and Dan finished before me but what a race. Marc finish just a little behind me in 5th place. Later that day Dan came to me and said “Bill, don’t ever do that to me again. I can’t check out a car as I go by at 90 mph”. We both laughed about it.
In Bill Riehl’s Enduro, Sam Mammano edged him out for the win. Bill came in 2nd loosing to Sam by just .984 Not even a second separated them after an hour of racing. Not bad at all considering that for Bill and Dan it was only the second race of their career.
I cannot explain to anyone that doesn’t actually race what an absolute blast we have out there. Now that Bill Riehl and Dan Diaz have completed their second race they too now know what I’m talk- ing about. We’re all now looking forward to the next race at NJMP in August. And to think it’ll all started with our Metro DE program. I hope I see the track.
From left to right: Brian McGrath, David Negron, Paul Kane and Jose Fuentes

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