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WGI Race and Metro DE week 2019:
The two-day Driver Education at the end of May at Watkins Glen hosted by our Metro NY PCA region is always an exciting event. Late Wednesday af- ternoon racecars from all corners of the country start to flood the paddock in preparation for the Club race that immediately follows our DE.
As with any PCA club race weekend the first day consists of three practice sessions and then what’s called a “Fun race”. The fun race takes place dur- ing the forth session of that first day. This “Fun race” is part of the rookie racer’s training.
To start our race weekend we were blessed with nice dry weather. Racers running this race with us were Bill Riehl, Marc Pensabene, Jon Bed- narsh, Dan Diaz and Todd Roth. I always like to give a shout-out to our crewmen, as they are so important to us. A big thank you to crewmen Bri- an McGrath, David Negron, Paul Kane and Jose Fuentes. These guys keep the racecars running well all weekend. No matter what.
We were all running well during the first session. After session one I was 5th among the SPBs. Af- ter session two I was 2nd. In the 3rd session (the qualifying session) I could not catch Hunt McMa- hon. Hunt seems to be the WGI SPB master. Af- ter qualifying I wound up in 5th spot to start the first of the two sprints scheduled for Saturday.
On day two (race day) as we drove to the track the rain started to come down. The rain had already wet down the track. Now the question was... What tires to run? For the first morning practice we all went out on “The Wets”. Some parts of the track had dried during the session while other sections had stayed wet and very slippery. All the drivers were happy.
Our first race was scheduled to start at 10 am. We all studied “My radar”. It Looked like the weather might be nice but 1⁄2 hour before we were to go to grid the rain came down again. I was sitting in the motorhome thinking “Now what?” We all decided to go out on rains.
The start of the race was absolutely nuts. With all the mist you could not see what the racer in front of you was doing. The only thing I went by were brake lights! Dan and I did very well as we had a really good start. By lap three both he and I had a substantial lead on the rest of the pack! I saw Richard Lambert with his family sitting in the bleachers between turns one and two waving to us, cheering us on. What a great feeling. This was crazy. It seemed too easy for Dan and I as we continued to increase the gap, pulling away more and more from the rest of the racers. The rain did us well. About 15 minutes into the race two cars came together just after the “Off Camber Left” (turn nine). Double yellow flags were shown. Under a “Double Yellow” the pace car is sent out. The pace car gets in front of the lead car then they slow all the cars down. Everyone catches up to reform for another “Green flag start”. This occurs when the track is cleared of all the debris.
Unfortunately for Dan and I this gave all the racers a chance again. The huge lead we had gained was now diminished. All the cars were bumper to bumper again to restart the race. However the track was still a bit wet and I was glad. At the drop of the green Dan and I pulled a good lead again. As the race went on and the track dried Dan could not hold off McMahon. With one lap to go Hunt took Dan for P2 in SPB. All in all we had a great fun race. I finished P-1, Dan Diaz P-2, Jonathan Bednarsh took P-5 and Marc Pensabene P-8. Everyone wanted to know “Who is this guy Dan Diaz?”
Immediately following our race the next fast- est group of racers were up. Metro member Bill Riehl was in that race. Bill did well placing sec- ond among four G class racecars edging out Sam Mammano by just .934 (Less then 1 second). Now that’s close racing.
Driven for Speed Bill Rudtner, Chief DE Instructor
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