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 Other projects include additions like replacing missing trim pieces to my ‘86 Carrera, and finding a day where it is barely warm enough to put them on the car. The wheel weights fell off my left front tire. How do I know this, because I found them in the driveway. But if you look at the picture below left, it was the speed at which the left front tire began to “dance” due to being seriously out of balance. Another project. Also, notice the mileage on the car and see the second picture below right and learn what’s up on Page 44. Another project.
This issue of The Post reviews some of our recent events and you will see some plans for 2019. We have published the Rally schedule from our Rally-master, Rich Mooers who will host the Snowflake Rally at the end of January. The schedule is on page 37. This is followed up by the Autocross Sched- ule, our DE schedule, and other events all included herein. The schedule is available online at the Metro website, it will be updated as the winter progresses.
You will notice some new names in this issue, particularly for concours. We encourage the members to attend these events mostly because they are fun, and are at very nice venues, and you get the chance to see obsessive-compulsive behavior at work. Cleaner automobiles do not exist anywhere else on the planet and we welcome more attendees to learn from the “yodas” of concours. (“Luke - I am your detailer.”) Seriously, it’s ‘a thing’. See page 12.
Stay Up-to-date and informed about Metro Events through E-mails
National PCA needs your e-mail address, in order to enable our President, Dan Fishkind, to send out his e-mail blasts, which announce changes or new events. All members can log on to www. quite easily.
Alternatively, send your e-mail to [email protected] and it will be entered for you. Many members joined a few years back when e-mails were not so important and may not have even had an e-mail (heaven forbid). So please check to see if National has yours. If not, please register it today so you won’t miss one of Dan’s friendly and inspiring announcements!
Thank you, Adele Portanova

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