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 From the Editor ED REINER
Winter is here and we are already counting the days when we can take our cars out of hybernation. We hope that we have set up our storage correctly, but we also worry about the impact of winter on our cars. Will it start? Will it leak? Will it run right? Will small animals take up residence? Are we that ob- sessed? Well, yes, yes we are. I mentally make plans to go out to the beach more in 2019 than I did in 2018. I think about destinations that take me on perfectly smooth roads with curvy twists and turns while blasting some “drive fast” music. I think of a trek to the beach with the top down wearing a hideous Hawaiian shirt.
My mind also goes to enhancements. How about a new exhaust, or an up- graded intake? Perhaps even some tuning before Spring. In early Decem- ber, we had a technical session at Pepe Porsche of Larchmont. A small but dedicated group of about 25 Metro members showed up to learn about bal- ance, suspension geometry, and enhancements. The temptation to add more low end torque, more sound and even more performance in the “range” that
I drive is very appealing. Perhaps this can be cured with more therapy. I can see it now, on the couch saying to a therapist, “but, doc, why do I need more torque at 2500-4000 rpms? Why am I in need of performance exhaust? Can I address these unresolved issues and still love my car?”
I was impressed with the turnout of the Holiday Party for Metro. This was at the scale of a large wed- ding. The attendence was terrific, the music was great, food was excellent, the drinks even better. Clearly, everyone truly enjoyed themselves and the pictures herein only prove it. It highlights that we need to find more events that will bring out the membership. We are working on some cool events for 2019, and we will continue to update the calendar. We hope to see more of you out there. If you have some ideas, please send them my way and we will consider them,
Winter is focused on projects. I had the oil changed and replaced my rear tires on my 997.2, only to put the cover back on and hook up the battery tender. I also checked to make sure that there is nothing hybernating under the cover. Only three months ‘till Spring and I can’t wait.
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