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As a last hurrah to the season, Metro and Pepe Porsche of Larchmont hosted a tech session at the dealership hosted by two of
its technicians on Dcecember 8th. The event was to show us that we can certainly improve on what Porsche provides from the factory, specifically a bit more torque and horsepower by upgrading the intake, plenum, throttle body, chip tune and exhaust without modifying the internals of the engine. They talked about car “balance” and its impact on performance. We learned about upgrades that work and those that are just parts with no real impact. I was not only impressed with their car knowledge, but real potential for more power. I started to calculate the value of more torque and horse- power as a return on investment. The Carrera Cab pictured above is now sitting under a cover in my garage while I contemplate these additions. The car has only 30,000 miles on it (not bad for a 2010), but more power is on my wish list. It is reassuring to see a dealer take on the speed shop mentality and enhance the cars beyond their “delivery” state.
Nonetheless, if you look at the speedo on page 5, that was me in my ‘86 Carrera 3.2 on my way back from local errands that ended up taking me on one exit of the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut. Aside from the aforementioned wheel hop from the out of balance tire, it was
time to service the engine. At over 207,000 miles, it was a decision I made by assessing the oil consumption plus some loss of power at low end. It was time and now the car sits at Rennwerke Porsche in Elmsford where they are going to rejuvinate the engine over the winter. We are underway with a full engine rebuild.While there, I am going to add the trim pieces I did not get to install over the winter, powercoat a few pieces and attempt to bring it back to its original glory.
I am going to follow the progress of this build here in the Post and describe the progress to completion. The rebuild of the aircooled 3.2L is overdue and something I hope to show Metro members when the season starts up in the spring. Cheech and the guys at Rennwer- ke will allow me to photograph the progress. They even invited me to the shop while they are working on it. Stay tuned.
One new element in development is a West- chester-based concours. We will do an event comparable to those we have done on Long Island but we expect to see more New York City and Westchester members. Announce- ments will be made when the arrangements are completed. We will have Cars and Coffee, and one of the Westchester events is planned to be at a restoration shop.
Keep your eye on the Metro Web calendar, it is updated regularly with really cool activities.
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