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(Rudtner, from page 41)
I was asked to be Metro’s Chief driving Instructor at the end of 2010 for the 2011 season. During my tenure as the Chief Instructor for our Metro Driv- er Education program I have made it a bit more difficult for a driver to be promoted to the Black group. I am of the opinion the Black run group driver should be able to drive as good as (if not better than) a Red group (instructor status) driver. I never personally check a driver out for promo- tion to Black. This is performed by two veteran Instructors during two or more separate “check out’ rides. Both Instructors must report back to me and both Instructors must give this student a “No- Questions” “Thumbs-up” before that White driver is moved to the Black group. After a year or so of driving in the black group a driver may be asked if he or she may like to train to be a Metro Instruc- tor. After six months or so Instructing he or she will then be asked to go through the PCA National Instructor training which I strongly indorse. At this point in time I believe that all the current Metro In- structors have gone through the National training.
Our set-up with friends at Road Atlanta, Thanksgiving weekend
That’s the short synopsis of our “Driver Education” program. If you have not yet driven your Porsche on the race-track I must ask you. “What are you waiting for?”
Prior to sitting down and writing this column we raced at Daytona in October which I wrote about last month. We have participated in our DE at Summit Point, WV in November (one of my favor- ites because of the fantastic, Southern style bar- becue Metro hosts). On Thanksgiving weekend, we traveled to Braselton GA. Driving at Road Atlanta with Chin were Richard Lambert, George Markadakis, Bill Wenzel and Joe Doria as well as myself. Crewing for us that weekend were Brian McGrath and David Negron (Who’s name I mis- spelled in the last column. My apologies to Da- vid). As I write this, we now prepare client’s cars for their trip to Cota outside of Austin, Texas. As usual there is more to come. And to think this all started some years ago in the Green Group.
In car from Richard Lambert. At the front is George Markadakis followed by Joe Doria then Bill Wenzel.

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