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At the end of September, shortly after returning home from racing at Summit Point, West Virginia we quickly found ourselves preparing client cars for the next Metro Driver Education event. This second to the last Metro DE event of the 2018 season was held on the Lightning circuit at New Jersey Motorsport Park on the 5th and 6th of Oc- tober.
The one thing that’s never in our control is the weather. This Driver Education event was plagued with changing weather. The weather was nice to start. We had dry track in the morning. Then the weather changed and we had some wet track. After lunch we enjoyed some dry track again. Re- gardless of the changing weather conditions over the course of this two-day event one thing was for sure, everyone that attended had a great time. For those of you that have not yet participated in our Metro NY Driver Education program let me explain a little bit about our Driver Education pro- gram.
PCA Driver Education (DE) is where you are taught (and continue to learn) how to drive your car on a race-track. This is a climate where you are able to drive your Porsche (or other Marque) as fast as your ability will allow. Most arrive think- ing they are really going to drive their car fast. Of course, “Fast” is all relative. The average “First time” race-track driver registers for the event thinking they are going to get the most from their car. At first this may be true but once the day begins, they quickly realize it becomes about the driver and not the car. 98% of the drivers starting out in DE have zero track driving experience and start the DE program in the “Green” run group (I started in the Green group in 1995). The Green
group consists of drivers with 0 track days to may- be 5-10 days of track experience. While in the Green there is a “mandatory” classroom session (or two) each day. As a Green group student, you are assigned an Instructor each day. This Instruc- tor will meet up with you prior to your track ses- sion. He or she is with you each session that you drive on the track. Once the session has ended and back in the paddock the Instructor will debrief the driver.
Many drivers in our DE program will be promoted to the next run group in a particular, timely fash- ion. Once the Green driver exhibits the basic skills concurrent with the Green group he or she is then promoted to the Yellow group. In the Yel- low group higher level driving skills are taught. The Yellow group driver continues to have an as- signed Instructor. Once these skills are mastered the track driving student is then promoted to the next level. The different color levels dictate the driver’s level advancement (skill). Green group (beginner), Yellow group (Advanced Beginner), Blue group (intermediate, first solo group), White group (intermediate), Black group(advanced), and the Red group is the Instructor group.
One driver in particular who has come up through the ranks of our DE program over the years can be and should be very proud of himself. This driv- er has taken in all our Driver Education program has to offer. This driver has “Gone slow to get fast”. I’d like to personally congratulate George Poulon on his promotion to the Black run group. (Continued on page 42 )
Driven for Speed Bill Rudtner, Chief DE Instructor

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