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New Event!!!!!!!
 Metro Porsche Club Rally by Rich Mooers
The Metro Zone of the Porsche Club of America (PCA) proudly announces that the 2018 Road Rally season will start on January 27th with the 63rd Snowflake Rally. Snowflake is the premier rally of Metro PCA. It is reported to be one of, if not the oldest continuously run events in all of PCA. (Please see the flyer on page 10).
The Snowflake is a TSD (time speed distance) rally. What is that you ask? Simply, like any other automotive driving event, you are given turn by turn instructions direct- ing you from a starting point to a finish point. Unlike Gimmick Rallies which ask you to answer questions as you drive, on the Snowflake Rally you will be given speeds to travel and the time you are to execute each instruction. We know when you are supposed to pass at any point along the route. The more accurate you are at main- taining the speeds the better you will do when we time you at unannounced places.
This year, participants may enter either the Expert Class, which is scored more strict- ly, or the Touring Class, where the standards of accuracy are much more relaxed. Everyone will follow the same route.
Come and join us for a fun filled adventure as we explore some of the most scenic roads on Long Island’s East End.
Driving a Porsche is not required, ALL cars are welcome. Snowflake is open to anyone

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