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Metro Region PCA Coffee Run, November 17, 2018
Despite a surprisingly powerful snowstorm just days before, causing an initial cancellation of the event, the roads were salt free and mostly dry by the 17th, so this coffee run was on again. Stew and Sue Teichman organized and mapped out a course of highways and side roads through picturesque and at times historic sections of Westchester, NY and Connecticut. There were 8 vehicles and 14 participants joining the roughly 90-minute ride.
Of the 8 vehicles, 7 were clearly Porsche, but there was one Porsche in Mercedes disguise. We were all intrigued as Larry Taylor and car owner Ann M. Fagan described the interesting history of their 1992 Mercedes 500E. The vehicle, in Metallic Spruce Green with a parchment interior and a 5.0-liter V-8, is part of a line of Mercedes that are among the most collectible of the Mer- cedes brand. As part of a joint venture with Porsche, the vehicle was re-engineered and partly manufactured by Porsche with a distinctive sporting look and driving characteristics. Only 1528 examples of this vehicle were produced for the U.S. during the years of 1992-94.
Despite its heft, the Mercedes had no problem keeping up with the Porsches during the at times spirited coffee run drive. At the end of the run most of the participants decided to lunch together at a local coffee shop, where we compared notes about the interesting parts of the ride, and a variety of Porsche topics.
Congratulations to Stew and Sue for another successful event and we look forward to more in 2019.

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