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Happy New Year and I hope the holidays were happy and good to all of you. I hope my wishes came true and every- body got good car related gifts. I got a few things but I am sorry to say they were repair items not up- grades. Anyway, the new season is upon us and I
am happy to announce that we are good to go at both Tobay Beach and the Nassau Coliseum.
The first event on the calendar is the Metro NY Autocross Seminar and Mini School on March 9th. This is a classroom seminar which will go over everything you need to know to get out and autocross. While you are feasting on a bagel breakfast a typical autocross day will be discussed. We’ll talk about what to expect, what to bring and what to do. We’ll talk about safety equipment, how to read a course map and walk the course. We’ll talk about basic autocross elements such as gates, slaloms, pointer cones, Chicago boxes, Jack in the Boxes (designed by our own Jack Minot) and how to find the proper driving line. We’ll discuss safety equipment as well as touch upon car setup. This is a great introduction for anybody who wants to try auto- cross.
But wait...there’s more! Just when you thought your day was over we will head over to Tobay Beach where instructors will be waiting for you. Here you will be able to experience what you’ve just learned in the classroom setting. You will walk the course with an instructor who will ex- plain what to look for while pointing out the ele- ments. Then you will have the opportunity to drive the course with an instructor at your own comfortable speed while receiving pointers. You will notice as you become more comfortable with
your car and driving the course your speed will increase. You are now an autocrosser.
Please note the seminar and Mini School is not a prerequisite to Autocross. If you do not take the school you should still come out. These events are novice friendly and there are many awe- some people who will help you for the day
and show you what to do. So do not hesitate to come down and participate if you haven’t taken the seminar. However, it is always beneficial to take the class.
To sign up for the seminar please follow
the link below or on the website or on so-
cial media. autocross-seminar-and-mini-school-tick- ets-54765694667. Registration is open now but will close on March 4. There is only room for 30 participants.
As far as the rest of the schedule, please look
for the flyer in this issue. We are starting off the season at Tobay and then headed of the NYCB Live at the Nassau Coliseum. Then back to Tobay for October and November. Another highlight of the season will be the Zone 1 Autocross which will tentatively take place on September 14 and 15. This is up in Ayer Massachusetts at Devens air force base. This is a two day event with a different high speed course each day. It’s an awesome event so please make arrangements
to attend. Also this is a points earning event and goes toward the season runoff. It is going to be a great season so come experience it and be a part of it instead of just reading about it each month. Hope to see you all out there.
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