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This past month I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of members, both long timers and new members. I am so happy to see that mem- bers are still around enjoying our events but even happier to see a whole bunch of new members come aboard who have passion for the marque. Our goal has been to increase membership and we have seen an increase. Every day I get notifica- tions of new members signing up throughout the region. Just yesterday, at our autocross, a new member came up to me to introduce himself. He happened to be a good friend of a friend of mine and that friend told him all about the club. He told me he had always dreamed of having a 911 and re- cently his dream came true and he joined the club. This is not the first member I have met in the past few weeks who have waiting a long time to own their dream car. If you have a friend who owns a Porsche or is thinking about buying one get him involved with the club. The more the merrier. The amazing thing about this club is it brings so many great people together who all share a common in-
I want to send a big shout out to David and Carol Ann Neese for putting on an incredible Concours Workshop at the Collector Car Showcase in Oyster Bay. The event started with a light breakfast and then a talk by Dave to all the participants about the various aspects of Concours. Support was also given by previous Concours Chair John Orrico who also imparted his valuable wisdom to the group. After the talk, detailer James Belmonte demon- strated some techniques on a car, yes, a real live car, and went over various products to protect your car’s finish. Thanks James. This was followed by a light lunch at which time various prizes were raffled off. I would like to also thank Collector Car Showcase for always supporting the club. Don’t forget to attend their Cars and Coffee on May 18.
Another mentionable Cars and Coffee will take place on April 27 by another huge supporter of the Metro NY Region; Porsche Gold Coast, formally Porsche Roslyn. They will be sponsoring our first Cars and Coffee of the season at their new home. I went for a tour there and it is absolutely amaz- ing. They have some beautiful cars on display and are super knowledgeable about all things Porsche. Please come down and join us for the event. It will be from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Sign up on Event- brite.
On another note, the Porsche Post is always look- ing for contributions. If you have a story about anything Porsche related, feel free to write an ar- ticle. How did you come to buy your first Porsche or, how did you become involved in the club? Did you have a good time at an event? Do you have any fond memories involving a Porsche? I fell in love with Porsches while watching Risky Business when Tom Cruise took his father’s 928 for a joy ride and ultimately parked it on a pier which collapsed into the water. Also, when I was attending SUNY Stony Brook, every morning on the way to school I would pass a Guards Red 944 Turbo parked in an office building lot on Route 111 just north of the Long Island Expressway. I remember the license plate was “LASTEXIT”. I loved seeing that car ev- ery morning and swore I would have one someday. I did eventually get one. If that was your car, please let me know. I am sure there are some great sto- ries out there and I would love to see them get pub- lished.
Finally, if you are on Facebook please find our official Facebook group. Search Metro New
York Region (Official Group) Porsche Club of America. There are some imitations our there so please search carefully. When you sign up please remember to answer the questions. That makes it easier to get approved.
Regards, Dan

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