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 Dan, our club president, asking for feedback on some new activities. Please give him your thoughts on what it will take to get you out and behind the wheel. We are interested in constant improvement.
In mid-March, I went to Los Angeles to visit family and I decided to take time to visit the Peterson Automotive Museum to see “The Porsche Effect” exhibit. It was much better than expected, with rare and famous Porsche’s on display on the ground floor. I include some of the highlights below but I encourage any Porsche-o-phile to make your way to this exhibit (Beverly Hills, CA) and breathe the “Porsche-ness”. This includes “Yelllow Bird”, a rare 1967 910, and one of Max Hoffman’s first news- paper ads for his Porsche dealership. It is not to be missed - Ed.
Max Hoffman ad, above 1967 Porsche 910, above Yellowbird, Right
Stay Up-to-date and informed about Metro Events through E-mails
National PCA needs your e-mail address, in order to enable our President, Dan Fishkind, to send out his e-mail blasts, which announce changes or new events. All members can log on to www. quite easily.
Alternatively, send your e-mail to [email protected] and it will be entered for you. Many members joined a few years back when e-mails were not so important and may not have even had an e-mail (heaven forbid). So please check to see if National has yours. If not, please register it today so you won’t miss one of Dan’s friendly and inspiring announcements!
Thank you, Adele Portanova

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