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 From the Editor ED REINER
The covers are off the cars and the season is about to begin! I have had a chance to drive a few long rides late this winter (see the cover) and cruise Ocean Parkway past Jones Beach a couple of times. I even did a few loops on the Hutchinson River Parkway and Merritt Parkway. It feels great to get back behind the wheel and get a nice ride in before breakfast. The good news is that the rebuilt engine is back in my ‘86 Carrera and it feels like a new car. I can’t wait to put some miles on this puppy and roll the windows down and listen to the 3.2L scream at me. This will be a great season for Metro.
April kicks off a bunch of activities for Metro. The Autocross is underway (April 7th and 14th), we had the DE on the 5th, our concours workshop at CCS on the 13th, the Cars and Coffee will be held at Gold Coast Porsche on the 27th and we have a rally on the 28th (the Metro calendar on the website
should help you, but all the information is in this issue). Enough activity to fulfill even the most reluctant Porsche owner. There are no participation is requested and enjoyment is expected.
Your Board continues to work on improving the events. We have seen increased participation in the Autocross, and registrations for the DE programs are looking encouraging. Read the new rules about harnesses in this issue. As for trekking, the Teichman’s have a trek planned for late June and the de- tails are reflected in this issue.
Also, we are continuing to see growth in our membership. It is encouraging to know that Metro contin- ues to prove what a great opportunity to drive your Porsche with like-minded owners. The names of the Board members are on our masthead, so please look us up when you come to event. We want to intro- duce you to the gang. This issue of the Post will highlight April and future activities and should get you all thinking about events and activities that will use up some rubber. A survey is on its way to you from
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Cover: Spring has sprung; Metro drivers queue up onto Ocean Parkway during a late winter trek on Long Island. Photo by Brendan Nankoo.
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