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You’ve heard the Porsche club mantra: “It’s not just the’s the people” and now it’s not just about the grown-ups!
PCA National wants PCA to be about the kids too, as they are the future of
the Porsche Club of America. The “PCA Juniors” program for Porsche enthusi- asts under the age of 18 program has been created so chiildren can enjoy PCA events, learn about Porsches and build the enthusiasm that runs through all the Porsche Club of America regions.
The best feature is that’s it’s FREE! Par- ticipants must be registered by an active PCA member. Register all the kids on-line at under the Membership Tab, select PCA Juniors to register. It should be noted that this is not a PCA Membership.
PCA Juniors will receive a welcome pack- age that includes an age-appropriate
gift and PCA Juniors ID badge. National looks forward to developing the program
and its features over time and always wel- come your comments and ideas.
Let the pictures reflect here that Don & Barbara Coburn’s granddaughter, Maddie is already steering her way into the driv- ers seat of their Cayenne, following in the foot steps of her Mom, Doreen and Aunt Meaghan (Don & Barbara’s daughters). The Coburns and their girls attended so many events when their girls were grow- ing up, they should have received the PCA Family of the Year award many times!
Also making it clear that he has a future in the PCA, is Steven and Tiffany Levich’s son Justin, seen here giving a double thumbs up to the PCA Junior program. With his kind of enthusiasm, he’s on track to drive (and maybe own...?) his Dad’s stunning and meticulously maintained 2017 Sapphire Blue 911 Carrera in the not too distant future.
So bring the kids along to the next Metro event and let’s start the next generation of Metro Members!
Adele and Peter Portanova

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