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(NEW PCA RULE FOR 2019 DE events, Continued)
Four-point systems are not allowed, EXCEPT as noted below, in Porsches because of the integrated headrest supplied by the factory. In addition to the standard SFI and/or FIA-approved five- and/or six-point system, a four-point system is allowed in non-Porsches that meet the following requirements:
• Meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 209.
• Attaches to the factory seat belt mounting points.
• Each belt is designed to work in a specific vehicle and that vehicle tag must be attached to the belt system.
• Four Point Belt Exception: Schroth has developed a four point harness for specific newer Porsche models only. These models are the 918 Spyder, 2015 GT3, 2016 Cayman GT4, 2016 Boxster Spyder, and 2015 GT3RS, and these models must also be fitted with the Full Bucket Seat Option P11 as provided by Porsche. The belts are Federal Motor Vehicle Standard 209,
and as such they are deemed street legal and approved by federal seat belt safety regulations. These belts also have labeling confirming the intended use for these specified Porsche models.
1. HANS device, 2. Tether (one per side), 3. Helmet anchor (one per side), and 4. Shoulder support

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