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North Country Update Ed Reiner
 The motor is back in my ‘86 Carrera with some improvements. New pistons, new cyl- inders, Fabspeed exhaust and all new inter- nal engine parts. It sounds great, runs great, and drives like is should. Not only is it now
a beast, but I had the chance to attend the Sunday morning Cars and Coffee at Hayfields in North Salem, NY. Many of us in the north country are aware of their “first Sunday of every month” Cars and Coffee which attracts locals with a wide variety of hardware on display. There was no question that the nice weather (finally) contributed to an extremely crowded parking lot and cars spilling into the street for a quarter mile in each direction. A nice representation of Metro members from the area were present and we were even visited by Magnus Walker who posed for pictures. Following the coffee and breakfast, the crowd was basking in the sun and warm weather among the craziness of cars coming and going.
Hayfields is located on a rural country road near the top end of Westchester in North Sa- lem, among estates and farms, but the twists and curves make this a popular road for ral- lys. The next Cars and Coffee at Hayfield’s is Sunday, May 5th and perhaps we can arrange
a trek to from lower Westchester.
The Rennwerke Porsche Cars and Coffee is scheduled for June 1st and we will continue to allow members to walk around the shop, ask questions and pet the dog. We are planning more events in Westchester and we will post them on the website and here in the POST as plans become firm.
Some random thoughts on what happens when you uncover your cars: please look
out for the small critters taking up residence
in your car. Refill with fresh gas and burn off what is there. Look for leaks and most impor- tantly, check your tire pressure. The pavement is still cold despite the air temperature and it is difficult for your tires to warm up. People un- derestimate the impact to your tires when they are underinflated. Check your oil (regularly), but if has been sitting for a while, keep your eye on the oil level and NEVER OVERFILL.
If you have swapped out your PCM for an aftermarket sound system for a 996 or 997, please let me know. I would like some feed- back on this,. Many of the members are also interested. (email me at [email protected]
Magnus Walker admires my car, right

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