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Trekking with Stew & Sue
Stew and Sue Teichman
This is the first article I am writing in a while because it has been a very difficult time in the Teichman household. Two days after Christmas, Sue had a stroke, and my number one priority has been
to make sure Sue got (and continues to get) the best medical and therapeutic help available. We were lucky in that, as the doctors told us, if she had to have a stroke, the hemmoraghic stroke that she had was the least damaging. There was no paralysis on either side or drooping in the mouth
or face, no loss of speech or significant loss of cognitive functions. The stroke did, however, leave her with a significant loss of vision. A left field cut; meaning she lost the left side vision in both eyes. This resulted in having no vision from the left side of her head until the front of her nose; but, the trooper that she is and the motivation to get functional again, paired with some therapy and hard work has made a huge difference. We originally told Dan that it would be impossible to continue running treks for the club. As it turns out though, Sue feels she is ready to give it a try. To that end, we have our first trek planned for Sunday, June 23rd and it would be great to see as many of you as possible turn out for this one in a show of support for Sue.
As is customary we tried to put together a route that will give us some beautiful scenery as well as good driving roads with a fair share of “s” curves so that we can have some fun driving as well. We will have a break about halfway through so that you can visit the restroom, have a cup of coffee
or just stretch your legs. Then we will continue on to the town of Amenia, NY where we will have lunch at Monte’s Local Kitchen and Tap Room. It will be a full sit down 3 course meal with choices for each course. The chef is one of the former owners and chef at Gurney’s in Montauk so we are looking forward to a really good dining experience. We will be taking over the whole dining room (assuming we will have a good turn-out) so there will be a great opportunity for socializing. At the end of the meal everyone will be on their own to explore the local towns (the Millwood Winery is only a few miles away), discover more country roads, or just head home. We will start out from our usual meeting place in New Rochelle but all of that detail will be sent to all registrants a week prior to the trek. Additionaly we will be using the smart phone app we introduced last season so navigating will be a breeze. No longer does the person in the co-pilot seat have to keep their eyes glued to the directions, though we will still give them out as we have in the past.
Even though this winter was not as brutal as years past, it was still too long as far as I am concerned. To long to have the P-car “in jail”. So now it is time to get back on the road again. We hope you will consider joining us on this first trek of the season and showing Sue how worthwhile all the efforts are. Please see the flyer on the opposite page and sign up as soon as you can. In the meantime, do whatever you have to, but get on the road and “keep on trekkin’”.

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