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Welcome to the April 2019 edition of Concours Corner. For the last month, my wife and I, along with several other board members have been working with the Collector Car Showcase people as we work through the logistics of the Concours Prep Workshop scheduled for Saturday, April
13, 2019. This is the first Concours event I have been in charge of arranging and all I can say is... Whew, I’m exhausted! No, I’m kidding, this has taught me a lot about what goes into running an event of this kind. I have been working through the various tasks such as the registration pro- cess using Eventbrite. This entailed creating a registration site with the pertinent information and a flyer that could be put in the monthly Metro NY PCA Post magazine. Next was deciding on what food we are going to serve for the event, gathering some raffle items and along with that, making sure we have all the provisions we need for the day of the event (tables, utensils, raffles, paperwork, etc.). In a way it’s been like “Cool Car Party Planning”...LOL!
As the day of the event draws near my wife and I prepared a checklist for all the things we need to bring so we can hold a successful event. As we were making the list it dawned on me that this is not much different from preparing for an actual Concours event. The only thing that’s different
is some of the items that we will bring with us. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it takes the same amount of diligence and preparation to run an event as it does to detail and prepare our car to be judged out on the lawn.
So with this said, we’re looking forward seeing everyone who registered for the Concours Prep Workshop, sharing some of our detailing knowl- edge, spending some quality time with our fellow PCA enthusiasts and having a bite to eat as we await the beautiful Concours weather that 2019 hopefully (fingers crossed) has in store for us.
See you on the lawn - Dave Neese
Concours Corner Dave Neese

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