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Skid remarks
There is so much to say at this time. Most unfortu- nately, I must report I am not in first place anymore. That always happens to me at the first event of the season.
 The season started off on a good note. The Autocross Seminar and mini school were a huge
I always mention the weather because it is so variable at Tobay. We all have multiple layers of clothing on and we still freeze and then when we get back to the mainland, everybody is in short sleeve shirts and comfortable. Anyway the day was great and the drivers all got nine runs. Again, to save space, I give you the
success. The class was full and the students had a great time with their instructors at Tobay for the driving portion. Everybody got to run a course with instructors in the car and it was great to see everybody improve. It is even better to see them coming back for events.
first place drivers: S1 – Raj Debah (45.178). S2 – Manny Gonzalez (40.748), S3 – Dereck McKane (48.340), S5 – William Riehl (46.522), P1 – Bryan Delucca (57.482), P2
Unfortunately, the Season Opener Autocross, which was scheduled to take place the day after the Autocross Seminar/Mini School was can- celled due to inclement weather. I am really not complaining however, because I noticed that I had made a mistake on the awards and the post- ponement gave me the opportunity to fix them without being embarrassed. The season opener was a great success. Eighty-eight drivers came out to shake the cobwebs off their cars and com- pete. The weather was a little on the chilly side but definitely not as bad as it can be at Tobay. This great thing about this event is we had thirty- two Porsches in attendance. This is definitely a substantial increase compared to the amount that has been attending in years past. It is notable that this was the event that ousted me from first place. In the name of saving space this month
I am just listing the winners for each class: S1- Mitch Hacket (49.596), S2 – MARC Mandalman (46.551), S3 – Demetri Mirrissis (47.561). S5
– Andrew Laoutas (44.724), P2 Graham Mingst (47.295), P32 – Russell Bertels (46.265). P6 – Anthony Howell (46.478), P7 – Augie Lacorazza (46.709), P8 – Andrew Ferrara (50.886), I2 – Tom Patrizio (50.534). X1 – Michael Mineo (46.848), X2 – Josh Ostrowsky (45.008) and X3 – Matt Klein (44.111). Fastest Time of the Day goes to Matt Klein and Fastest PAX Time of the Day goes to Andrew Laoutas. Awesome!!
– Graham Mingst (44.743), Russell Bertels (44.293), P5 – Allan Schilsky (51.413), P6 – Dan Fishkind (45.2726), P7 – Ben Ohebsha- lom (44.177), P* - Lou Hydyman (41.637),
The Spring Autocross was another success. Rich Wayne designed an incredible course as usual and sixty-six drivers were in attendance. The weather could not have been better with a cool morning which warmed up as the day went on.
I2 – Jack Minot (48.943), I3 – Yanni Kouzilos (42.258), M3 – Todd Roth (42.533), X1 – Rich Wayne (42.724), X2 – Lex Kerichek (41.417), X3 – Matt Klein (41.393). Fastest Time of the Day goes to Matt Klein and Fastest PAX Time of the Day goes to Lou Hudyman. Congrats!
There is plenty more to come this season. The next event is on May 5th at the Nassau Colise- um. I also want to mention that September 14-15 is the Zone 1 autocross which is a great event.
It is on a decommissioned air force base so the course is set up on the runways. These are high speed courses which are so you really get to see what your car can do. There is a different course each day and it’s awesome. In addition to the competition it is a great social event. We all hang out on Friday night and on Saturday our own Don and Barbara Coburn prepare a BBQ meal for us that you won’t want to miss. Additionally, you
get to hang out with your Porsche brethren from different regions in the Zone. This is a points earning event so it counts toward the Metro NY Runoff. Registration should open up around July 1st. Sign up and come have a great time.

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