Trekking With Mitch & Linda

With Labor Day now behind us you have to wonder… where did the summer go? Is it just me, or did it fly past at warp speed? What happened to all those promises I made to myself over the winter to spend every weekend on the beach? Or to barbecue every night? Or to spend copious amounts of time in the Porsche scoping out new roads and destinations for our club treks? Oh yeah, that’s it. That’s where the time must have gone; driving the backroads of numerous counties, in several states, uncovering routes that most time-strapped drivers never will see because they opt for the quickest and most direct highway route from point A to point B. Now I know the satisfaction Charles Kuralt used to feel in his “On the Road” reports for CBS. He was once quoted as saying, “Interstate highways allow you to drive coast to coast, without seeing anything”. What he didn’t say is that once you get off those highways there is a myriad of wonderful country roads to explore. And with that comes off highway views of mountains, farmland, expansive vistas and the rest of small town America. Places that one would never know existed unless you got off those highways and travelled the backroads and byways. Over the past few years Sue and I have made a point of seeking these things out and then sharing them on our treks. It has been, and continues to be, a very rewarding past time for us.

One of these exploratory weekends brought us up to Saratoga Springs the weekend of the Saratoga Performing Arts Center’s weekend fundraising festival. So, Sue and I bought some tickets for some of the events they were holding. It started with a morning exotic car road tour which began at the Saratoga Automobile Museum. A procession of Ferraris, Aston Martins, Shelby Cobras (original), Porsches and several other marques wended their way through a beautiful mountainous route until we reached our destination, the venerable old Lake George Club. Once there we were welcomed with some of the wines and delicacies of the Tuscan region of Italy. This was followed by a lovely sit down luncheon overlooking the Lake and beautifully capped off with boat rides on the magnificently crafted Italian Comitti speedboats. The road tour was led by former PART (Porsche America Race Team) driver, Bob Bailey. Bob graciously agreed to lead this road tour again for us when we have our October trek to the Gideon Putnam in October. What a thrill that will be. What a day it was.

The next day was a Concoursd’elegance on the grounds of the Arts center where there was an assemblage of magnificent automobiles. There were old Porsche 356’s, new Porsche cabs and even a Carrera GT. There were original Shelby Cobras, a Ford GT, and a Jaguar XK140, to name but a few. But the winner of the show was an absolutely gorgeous 1937 Bugatti. Also going on at the same time was a wine and food festival with well over 100 exhibitors. Giving out samples of their food and wine under a large tent it was a most memorable afternoon. There was even a wine seminar given by my old friend, world renowned wine educator, Kevin Zraly.

Although we never know where the next trek will be headed, we always know that as long as we keep taking these day and weekend excursions we will keep finding destinations and roads to work with. So, if you haven’t trekked with us yet try and plan on joining us next season. And if you are one of our loyal participants, spread the word…the more the merrier. But remember, whatever you do, you’ve got to keep on trekkin’.