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(Rudtner, from page 41)
downhill onto the front straightaway. This downhill right-hander (turn 12) has to be three to four sto- ries high and it leads onto the front straight. This downhill turn impressed my friend Jon Bednarsh so he named his new company “Turn 12”. At the end of the front straight there is a fast right-hand sweeper that climbs up-hill. This right hand turn is immediately followed by a blind, up hill, left-hand- er. This left crests a hill. Once you get the car straight, you brake as necessary (hard) then turn the car right and take the first downhill right of the esses. Right, left, and then right as the esses now have turned up hill. At the top there’s a fast left leading you onto a fast short straight that, similar to VIR leads you to a right, a short straight then another right. Now you’re on the back straight- away. That’s one fast lap of Road Atlanta.
At the end of our weekend a few things were for sure. We all were wishing there was just one more day on track. We all had a great time and we could not wait to get back here. I know my friend George is going back a few days before the PCA club race in April and I’ll be racing it again also in April. There’s only one Road Atlanta.
I hope I see you, at the track.
The drivers on their way to Road Atlanta, Above Driving in the rain, below
“Here you go. This one is no question (the one about the flags). This second sheet however. I fail. See ya later”. I walked away. We all had a good laugh over this. We went back again and by lunch we had all passed and were able to run in the advanced group.
After the first day we wound up back at Ted’s for dinner (I love that place). We all had such a great time.
On the second day the weather was a bit better. The guys were all out together just having a blast. I believe I heard George state “ This is the best track I’ve ever been on”.
Road Atlanta is a great track. No doubt it’s world class thanks to Dr. Panoz. There are gravel traps in the right places and plenty of run off where need be. The back straight is long enough for a compe- tent driver in a late model Cup to reach 160 mph plus. It’s a little tricky staying on the throttle till the braking zone as there are three rises on this back straight that you really can’t see past until you get there. Holding the throttle down over the third rise takes a little getting used to. The braking zone at the end of the back straight goes down hill! You then go 90 degree left turn into a 90 degree right turn (called “The Chicane”). Track out left and then take a breath as you make a right turn plunging
Left to right above: Bill Wenzel, Richard Lambert and David Negron
What most saw of Jie Doris at Road At- lanta with Chin, below

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