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North Country Update Ed Reiner - north region director
 Here on the north side of the bridge (Whit- estone or Throgs Neck), we have seen the proliferation of car shows. The an- nual Pound Ridge Car Show on Septem- ber 15th was sold out. A number of Metro members attended with their P-cars and who enjoyed sunny weather while we rubbed and dusted. The event was well- attended by 325 cars and yours truly even won a trophy for some sort of “best in show” among the handful of 911s present. (Perhaps I was mistakenly at a dog show and it was my gait and shiny coat, but a trophy is a trophy). It was more encourag- ing to see true Porsche-o-philes ask about
my car and show respect for the engineer- ing of a 32 year old Porsche.
Metro had members attending the Scars- dale Concours d’ Elegance in which the weather was cooperative. Held at the downtown village and train station, this show featured a number of unique Porsches including a “brand new” GT2 RS which attracted a lot of attention.
North region members showed up in sol- id numbers at Old Westbury Gardens on September 30th. The cars heading east from Westchester and NYC were seen “funneling” onto the LIE. Pictures are in- cluded throughout this issue of the Post.
As the season winds down, we are work- ing on a tech session at Porsche of Larch- mont (date to be announced) and an active schedule is being prepared for 2019. We are hoping for more Westchester events and plans are in place to drive more activi- ties that will ‘drive’ more participation.
Tom Patrizio, 2012 Carrera GTS - OWG Best in Show

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