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(Rudtner, continued from page 41)
On the way to turn three there was a bit of a debacle as the two leaders came together. This caused all the racers behind them to brake (A “brake check” backup). As we accelerated again the car just in front of me tapped his brake again. I went to right as there was a gap there but then that car moved right as well. I ran out of track and dropped two off into the grass. This threw my car to the left. Out of control I hit Jon! My car was damaged enough that I could not continue. I sat off to the right in the grass I profusely apologized to Jon. Soon afterwards I was “flat-strapped” to a safer location. Jon was able to continue on but just a few turns later Jon was hit again, this time by an SP2 car. Jeez... Once back in the Motorhome I could not apolo- gize to Jon enough. What a crappy end to a great beginning and I was at fault.
Back at our camp the guys quickly went into action. First they got Jon’s car all set for race two. Then they tended to me. My car needed some serious love. First Brian and David re- placed the left side radiator. Then the left side front fender was hammered back into some kind of shape that kept it from hitting the tire. The left rear quarter panel was also hammered into a useable, non-tire damaging shape. They installed four new tires. The driver’s door had to be taped shut as the latch was broken. This was just the tip of the iceberg as much more work was needed and completed before race two. Brian and David did a spectacular job.
While Brian and David were busy with my car Tom was taking good care of Richard. Richard was racing clean. He was keeping out of trou- ble. The all too much carnage in our camp had gotten in his head a little. He was doing really well and turning some good laps. Richard won the first race in K class.
For race two (the “points” race) both Jon and I would be starting dead last. Henry was up towards the front (with the leaders). Marc was just a little behind me. At the drop of the green
Jon and I started to pick our way through the field.IonepointIgotpastJonbutalaporso later he was on my bumper. I could see he was driving better than I so I key’d up and said “Go get em Jon”. I let him go by. Jon was driving well and there was no sense holding him up in a private battle with me. Jon finished the race a few places ahead of me. One half hour later we had all finished the race without any further incident. Richard did real well finishing second. Now it was pre-prep for the next days Endur- ance race and then off to the dinner/awards cel- ebration.
For us the big deal of the awards ceremony was Richard Lambert who took home a beautiful 1st place trophy in K class. He outstood his com- petition by perseverance and some pretty good driving. Congratulations to Richard Lambert for first place and to the rest of the drivers (some of us for just finishing ). “Rock The Summit”
With rain 100% positive for Sunday Marc and I decided to bail and not run the Enduro. Jon waited until the next morning to decide but did decide to bail as well. By 8 am we were head- ing home.
Henry stayed to race in the Enduro and finished 5th. Nice job by Mr. Hoeh. Congratulations Henry.
Running under the Rudtner’s banner this week- end at Summit Point were Marc Pensabene, Todd Roth and Jon Bednarsh. Running in K class with us as well was Richard Lambert. Our crewmembers at this race were Brian McGrath, Tom McCarthy and our newest crewmember David Nigro. It was great to have all these guys with us. The hard work, camaraderie, fun and excitement make for a lifetime of memories that just can’t be beat. And to think it all started with a Metro DE so many years ago.
I hope I see the track.

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