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 From the Editor ED REINER
The Driven to America event organized by Collector Car Showcase was a resounding success! The cars, the attendees, the venue and the activities (and the weather) all combined to deliver an truly enjoyable day. Hats off to CCS for such a terrific Porsche experience. Being part of a “funnel” of cars coming into the NYIT De Seversky Mansion was quite exhilarating to hear the roar of our cars coming down Northern Boulevard as the sun was coming up. We profile this event in this issue of the Post. We hope you can appreciate the quality of the cars and the flawless execution of the event...the pictures don’t do it justice. (But I love the “Singer” that was on display, picture on the opposite page.)
We also “checked the box” for the third trek of the season, and this time we traveled to Warwick, NY on an enjoyable drive to Chateau Hathorn. Metro members enjoyed the scenery but particularly the Storm King High- way (picture on the opposite page) which is an experience in itself . The day started on the cloudy side, but it ended on a high note with clear skies and
Here in the northeast, the driving season is unfortunately winding down. The leaves are off the trees and now on the lawn and our cars are about to go into hybernation for the season. In fact, a few Metro members attended the Caffeine and Carbs event in New Canaan, CT this past weekand and it was a bit too cold to linger. As the driving season winds down, the planning for next year is underway. The Board continues to look for great events, cool destinations and things to do to enjoy our cars. Camra- derie is included.
This issue of the Post is a combined issue, aka November/December. This means that we will focus on the recent events and showcase some of the cars we had the chance to encounter. We tried to pick the best, the most unique and the most dramatic pictures for this issue. We hope you enjoy them. Also, we continue to ask you for your contributions. Don’t hesistate to send us your favorite pictures. Some contributions are included herein.
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Cover: a group of 930’s leaving Driven to America in formation
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enough ambient termperature for some of us to put our tops down.

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