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  (Continued from page 36, Michael Tashjian)
This is going on right here in our little Porsche world. With all change though, comes [some] opportuni- ty. If you’re not into spending 45 minutes picking your nose waiting for your electric car to charge, then join the dark side. Mark my words; us petrol users will become the cigarette smokers, and eventually, the outlaws. First, they tax the hell out of it (gas guzzler), then they tell us we will die from it (cigarettes), then they all but ban it (DDT).
So hold onto to your 80’s 911, your 928 GTS, and any Porsche running on good od American...scratch that, Arab crude, as it will be past modern acceptance before you know it and eventually, be a thing of the past. Just do yourself a favor: stash away some gasoline to fill it up too, will ya?
North Country Update Ed Reiner
Perhaps it is the close proximity to the Cana- dian border but it has been a chilly fall so far. A few Metro members attended the New Ca- naan Caffeine and Carbs event in mid-October to brisk weather. Hot coffee was a must but it it seems like there is a winter frost around the corner. However, there are still some driv- ing events in the works. The Teichmans have committed to a couple more treks before the end of the year. Keep an eye on the calender for more information.
Planning is underway for an active schedule for 2019 and we hope to see some new faces come out and participate.
Some winter storage tips from my personal experience....Both of my cars sit in a garage on a battery tender and under a cover. I put Stable into the (full) gas tank and keep the windows open about 3”. I leave a Fabreze air freshner under the passenger seat and a can
of Moth Balls in the front trunk. Also, I do pur- chase about 20 glue traps and make a “ring” around the cars to ward off the critters. Yes, it works. (Includes the two baby snakes, two bats and a bunch of mice I have captured over the years). I also add about 3 lbs of air to the tires and the cars sit on a stack of padded floor tiles (not on the concrete). Anyone have any other thoughts?
And a quick note about safety....I was driving in Greenwich, CT to run an errand late in the afternoon on a Friday. An Audi SUV coming the other way on a side street passed a school bus in front of me which had stopped and had the lights flashing and its door open. Green- wich cop was right there and used his lights and sirens to pull him over. Very dangerous and well-deserved. It is getting dark early now. Be safe!

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