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I remember quite clearly when Adele and
I purchased our 1979 Casablanca beige metallic 911 SC from a coast guard power squadron member, of which we were also members, but don’t remind Adele. This was in 1984 and Haywood, the seller suggested we join the PCA, he said they have a nice newsletter, and as far as we knew that was it, and maybe a Holiday party. When we received our first Porsche Post, Ted Ohland was the editor, we read about Drivers Ed and Autocross events, among the many other of- ferings.
When I owned a 1974 914, bought new,
and at the time was flying Schweitzer glid- ers in Middletown, NY I never considered joining the club, if I did I would have been a member as long as the Coburn’s and would have taken the car to DE events. I didn’t want to miss another opportunity to properly learn how to drive the 911 SC at speed and transfer what we learned to the street. The first driving event we registered for was at Watkins Glen and continued to enjoy learn- ing and then instructing and finally PCA club racing for quite a few years. When the DE and Autocross season ended each year un- less I travelled to Florida or California, my driving on the track would have to wait until the spring. At the time we didn’t have indoor go-kart tracks or driving simulators that you
could afford and the driving games were not very good.
As we all know all that has changed and you have many choices to choose from to contin- ue to sharpen your skills when there is a foot of snow in your neighborhood. I have expe- rienced a few of them but for the last year I have focused my simulated (SIM) driving to the IRacing program. If you’re not familiar with the game, in brief, it is a subscription- based racing simulation game that offers a variety of cars and tracks and can be played individually, or racing live with others. If you want to see the action go to Twitch, where IRacing has live broadcasts, Matt Malone is a road racer on the channel with some close action races.
I began my rookie license in SIM IRacing in the MX5 and after watching a video by El- liott Skeer I decided to race in the Porsche Cup series. Elliott won the 2011 Mazda team challenge cup shootout and in 2015 won the Porsche young driver’s scholarship and that led to a full season in the GT3 cup challenge, not in simulation, but the real deal with Pat- rick Long. He feels that IRacing developed the SIM Cup Car to a point where it feels very close to the real car. In fact he uses many of the settings in IRacing and transfers them back to his GT3 cup car.
We all agree that there is nothing better than going to a Metro PCA DE or autocross event to drive your Porsche the way it was de- signed. However, you can continue to devel- op your skills in SIM racing that can translate to a better track and street driver and you’ll be ready to drive your real P-car once the snow and salt is gone from our roads. Have a great Winter everyone!
Adele and Peter Portanova

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