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Luke Parise [email protected]
Metro Mart Update
PCA Metro Mart is getting revamped. We’ve lis- tened to your suggestions and we’re branding and stocking lots of new merchandise. Addi- tionally, we are looking to provide more access to purchases via social media and our website, which will include electronic payment options and fast shipping.
We want to make sure that the store is running at its’ greatest potential.
An important step in this plan is to ensure that everyone has total access to all of the Metro NY merchandise. To help with this we have created an Instagram Account (@metromart- pca) and a Facebook page (Metro Mart PCA). Please like and follow these pages to stay up to date with everything that we have to offer. The store is constantly changing, so be sure to check in frequently. Our social media pages and website will provide access to the store, so feel free to shop around and place your or- ders there or contact us directly. We are always happy to help.
PCA Metro Mart wants everyone to be able to find something that they would like for them- selves, as well as something for others. We are currently working on stocking the store with some of the old favorites, and some new and different items. In addition, we will be releasing
some exclusive and limited release style items. Some of these items will only be available at specific events. Please attend as many events as you can and to keep an eye on our updates to purchase yours. We will be at the upcom- ing holiday party with some of these exclusive items.
Please make sure to reach out to us to with any suggestions or with any ideas on items that you would like to see offered and we will do every- thing that we can to make it happen.
An initiative of ours is to support local business- es and charitable causes. With this in mind, Spectrum Designs will now produce most of our products. Spectrum Designs, “A business with a social mission, that solely employs indi- viduals with cognitive disabilities, including Au- tism.” Spectrum is a 501(c)3 Non-profit foun- dation. Spectrum and Metro Mart are excited about this tie.
We look forward to continuing to provide ex- citing merchandise and service to the PCA community. Please feel free to reach out to us through any of the sources listed above.
Facebook: Metro Mart PCA
Instagram: Metromartpca
Email: [email protected]
Website: (Linked to main website)

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