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Concours Corner John Orrico
Thank You!
It is with a heavy heart that I am notifying you all that I am officially resigning as the clubs Con- cours Chairperson. I am not sure how many of you know my deal, however I was basically raised around the club. While my father owned many Porsches, his pride and joy was a beautiful 1986 930 S finished in Guards Red. This is the same exact car that I just as proudly show and com- pete with today. While my father Charles and my mother Anne always participated in a lot of differ- ent club events, my father’s passion for Concours was real and as a result, it was mine as well. After his passing a few years ago, I decided to continue showing the car. The warmth and love I received from the old Concours Team was absolutely tre- mendous. Thank you Larry Goldberg, Rich So- bel, David Leonoff, Stu Weinstein, Kenny Silber & Lou Eichenholtz. As the story goes, I went from showing my car to judging everyone else’s cars to eventually running this club segment. While I can truly now appreciate all of the hard work that these folks put into pulling off these great events, I never once looked back when doing the same as the relationships that I formed have been tre- mendous.
I remember when my father and I used to show up to these events extremely early with anticipation of what cars would be rolling down the lawn and who our competition would be. While the folks in the moving segments will laugh and say that this is not a sport, I 100% disagree. The competition was real and it was contagious. While different folks will always have different goals and thought processes, mine was to ensure that the full level competition of these events is one that is associ- ated with blood, sweat, tears, smiles, high fives and cheers. My team and I worked very hard to make sure we were putting on the best events possible and I really hope that each and every one of you enjoyed them. Thank you Vinny Naro and Joe Tunkel for all of your help and support. While I may be stepping down, I will not be fading
to black. I am still very much going to be involved and I leave you all in the hands of some very ca- pable folks. Your new Concours team will be Pe- ter Porschenova, Joe Tunkel & Dave Neese. I am not sure if know all of these individuals per- sonally, but I would recommend you reach out to them and do so. They are not only terrific people but they are true Concours enthusiasts through and through, and I assure you that you are all in very capable hands.
While I can picture my family telling me to stop rambling and get to the point, the reason why I am stepping back is because of the one thing that trumps cars, my family. A year and a half ago, my amazing wife Lisa and I had a beautiful daughter named Charley. Now that is she getting a little older, I am looking forward to not necessarily run- ning these events but rather attending them in the same fashion that I was raised in. I look forward to cleaning my car in the backbreaking way I am accustomed to, showing it with pride and doing so all while my family is beside me enjoying it. I hon- or and appreciate all of the tremendous friends and relationships that I have made throughout my few years of doing this and I look forward to keep- ing those going strong. I thank all of our volun- teers, all of our sponsors, my family and I thank Dan Fishkind and our club leadership for allowing us to have had a kick ass time. I also thank Char- lie Mekeel and all of the hard core enthusiasts for teaching me the ways. The club is now stronger than it has ever been and no doubt 2019 is going to be amazing. I hope everyone stays warm this winter and I look forward to kicking everyone’s butt on the field come early next year. Game on!

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