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 The runoff was a huge success this year, at least for all the people who finished better than me. I think every year will be my year and then I wake up to find more drivers in front of me than I would like. Any- way, it was a great event
and everybody did a great job. For those of you who have been skipping this article, the runoff is where the top drivers for the season all compete against each other using the same car which evens the playing field. The car was a 2018 Kia Forte which leaves a lot to be desired with re- spect to an autocross car. However, everybody drove the same car so it was fair. At the end of the day, Todd Roth stood victorious for the sec- ond consecutive year, and I think third time, and won the title of Autocrosser of the Year. He drove the course in 52.120 seconds to beat out First Runner-up Graham Mingst who drove the course in 53.434 seconds. The Second Runner-up was Mitch Hackett who drove the course in 53.511 seconds. The rest of the pack finished in the following order: John Mingst, 53.898 seconds; Dan Fishkind, 54.877 seconds; Spencer Martin, 55.557 seconds and Augie Lacorazza, 57.965 seconds.
For those who were not in the runoff, a regular autocross event ran concurrently. The course for both events was designed by Rich Wayne and Mark Valera and fifty-three drivers participated
in the events. Manny Gonzalez took the win in S2 with a time of 53.289 seconds. Three driver S3 found Phil Foundas in first place with a time of 52.872 seconds. Bob Juvet took second with a 53.678 second run around the course. Martin Plante took the win in P1 in 53.864 seconds and Ed Trainor took the win in P6 with a 50.064 sec-
ond trip around the lot. Tom Patrizio took the win in two driver I02 with a 49.975 second trip.
Ten driver X1 was dominated by Jeff Batch whose time of 47.324 seconds was good enough to beat out Dennis Gur’s second place time of 47.957 seconds. Yenson Tam, an x-class run- off participant came in third place. Thirteen driver X2 found Russell Kremens in first with
a time of 45.365 seconds to beat out Vasken Chuberalian who drove the course in 45.410 seconds. Third place went to course design- er Rich Wayne. Twelve driver X3 found Matt Klein in first with a time of 44.942 seconds. Second place went to Faraz Ahmed in 47.880 seconds and third place went to Jose Arroyo with a time of 48.291 seconds. It is notable that Jose won the X-Class Runoff with a time of 53.129 seconds. Congratulations Jose.
One down and two to go till the end of the sea- son. It might sound like I am looking forward
to that, but I am not. I am enjoying the season, running my new car and meeting new Porsche drivers who have showed up to participate in Autocross. Some young, some old, some with new cars some with old cars, it doesn’t matter. Autocross is fun for everybody no matter what your age and what you drive. Also, it’s a great way to learn car control and to experience what your cars can to.
By the time you read this it will be too late for
this season but plan to get involved next season. Think about it and then sign up for the Autocross Seminar and Mini school which will most likely be in March. Look for details in the next few months or feel free to contact me with any questions.
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