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From the Editor
It’s May and driving weather is finally here...washing the car, drying the car, cleaning the car, detailing the car, staring at the car. Just another spring weekend at Met- ro. It seemed as if the winter would never end and fi- nally it goes straight to nearly 90 degrees and back to a wet Spring. With the spring opening events now behind us, we hope to see more participants coming to Metro events. There is the trek to Newburg, NY along with an active autocross schedule and cars and kaffe events aross the region. Tons of stuff to do with our cars.
The previous weekend, I drove my Carrera down the Taconic Parkway from Dutchess Country (where it is stored for the winter) back to my garage in Westches- ter. It was filthy but it ran well and sounded good. Cars
were waving to me as I came down through Fishkill and into Yorktown. A great ride and a terrific route. The Taconic is newly resurfaced with gentle curves, wide lanes and no deer along the side of the road. Only 20 minutes from Lime Rock but I was shooting the apex at every turn. This highway is built for Porsche. With some ZZ Top playing through the speakers and (finally!) with the windows open, I realize that it doesn’t get much better than this.
Finally got off the highway and into my neighborhood and a guy rolled down his window at a traffic light and asked me, “What year?” and I responded with “it’s an ‘86”. He said it was stunning. It is what we live for.
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Cover: 1949 Porsche Gmund in the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta
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