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Dealer Spotlight - Pepe Porsche of Larchmont by Ed Reiner - north country director
The Pepe family runs one of the leading dealership networks in Westchester County. Brands includes Mercedes, Infinity, Cadillac and Porsche. The Porsche dealership on the Boston Post Road in Larchmont, NY is a high-tech, state of the art facility with both a showroom and very comfortable lounge. Pepe is noted for its young and enthusiastic staff, with both an active new and used car business.
Pepe Porsche keeps some very unique cars in its showroom and includes a couple of GT3 Rs’s as well the regular inventory of Cayman’s, Carreras and Panameras. The parking lot is overloaded with 911s since this is what drives in the customers. We noticed a couple of G-body aircooled cars for sale which reflects the wide range of sellers who come into this dealership.
Pepe is the only Porsche dealer in Westchester County and serves a wide area within the tri-state are and includes customers from Connecticut, upstate New York, northern New Jersey and New York City. Their pre-owned Porsche business attracts people from across the US who are intersted in their broad inventory of unique Porsches. This car “family” has renewed its focus on women buyers who buy SUVs and sedans (and quite a few Macans) which is where they see the future of the dealership.
Porsche of Larchmont operates out of a modern environment with terrific foot traffic from people who are just driving by. It is adjacent to a Staples and people frequently just wan- der in to the dealership. WIthout a doubt, it is the street traffic flow through the Post Road that helps improve the visibility of this location.; The enormous Porsche sigin the street is impossilble to miss so it seems to pull in passersby.
Pepe Auto Group has 5 locations and over 450 employees. Some of the staff moves be- tween the locations but the specialists at Porsche are “Porscheo’philes” with a good un- derstanding of the brand and the needs of the customers. Due to the highly competitive nature of Porsche sales, Pepe considers the customer relationship to be paramount to bringing the customer back. Pepe is anxious to offer the Mission E (electric) car that is in the works by Porsche. Pepe sees the future of the performance car to be truly in the electic vehicle and generate the same experience that we have become used to have in our gas-powered cars. Having owned a Chevrolet Volt for nearly two years, it is an interesting experience to stomp on the “gas?” and accelerate quickly and not hear a sound.
Pepe Porsche of Larchmont values customer loyalty and they will demonstrate customer service at every step of the purchase process. The have also invested in their service area and can actually perform performance upgrades such as exhaust systems, plenum up- grades and chip tuning. Pepe technicians can also perform track prep and have fabrica- tion skills. Their technical knowledge of the Porsche models and have continued to build on its success. (See page 38)
Porsche of Larchmont
2500 Boston Post Road Larchmont, New York 10538

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