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spring rolled around I attended my first PCA DE.
Speaking of nerves, if you’ve never driven on the track of course you’ll be nervous. This will be your first experience of keep- ing pedal to the metal as you go hurtling towards the rapidly approaching next corner. What’s not to be nervous about? But you’ll also be thrilled by the superb Porsche machine you are controlling. It eats those corners! It sticks to the road like glue!! Its brakes are so excellent!!!
And the best part is that with the help of your instructor as the day goes by you’ll realize that your nerves have calmed down a bit – you’re beginning to improve and you’re more comfortable. Wow!! This is fun. You’ll want to sign up for another event. This is so much fun. Maybe you’ll attain the First Milestone: You may even Pass Another Car!
You’re hooked.
And last of all, you’ll meet and make friends with people who share your pas- sion for cars and high-speed driving. Some of them will amaze you with their knowledge and skill. This has enriched my
life, and I remain thrilled after 50 years.
The shout-out
I’m writing this section the evening I got home from the Metro 2-day April Lime Rock event. Day 1 was rainy all day ex- cept for a little bit first thing in the morn- ing. Day 2 was dry, cloudy at first and then a beautiful cool, sunny day.
My shout-out goes to Henry Hoeh and Bill Rudtner. Henry is Metro’s Track Chair and Bill is the Chief Instructor. They are respon- sible for everything about our DE events. There are many other praiseworthy un- sung volunteers, but these two men are the heart, soul and brains of Metro’s track activities and they deserve our profound thanks. It is a lot of work to arrange a DE event, with many complexities. They do it seamlessly and with great style and class. We all owe them a very large THANK YOU.
I’ll see you at the track. You can always contact me at [email protected]

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