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Jack Minot dominated three driv- er I2 with a time of 47.743 seconds and Daniel Yoo took the win in I3 with a time of 48.405 seconds.
So we are done at Tobay beach but I can assure you the fun is not over. We now move over to the Nassau Coliseum where I know the next event will be awe- some. June 17th will be the first Father’s Day Autocross. In honor of this day, one son or daughter can autocross for free when ac- companying their father (only 1 son/daughter per father please) to the event. Please note drivers must be at least 17 years old with a full driver’s license. 17 year old drivers must have parents fill out all JPP paperwork located on the national website. Next events will be July 22 and August 19 also at the Nassau Coliseum.
September 15 and 16 is the Zone 1 autocross in Ayer Massachu- setts. This is an awesome event. This two day event will consist of two different high speed cours- es allowing you to stretch those legs. It is competitive for the sea- soned autocrosser and a thrill for the novice. There will also be a barbecue on Saturday night with our own, but not local members, Don and Barbara Coburn doing the cooking.
It’s an awesome event and you won’t want to miss it. There is also a region challenge where the Metro will go against the other regions present in hopes of win- ning the Zone 1 trophy out. Come help us out.
Attention Autocrossers: We have a system to keep in touch and get out important information to all autocrossers. It is a remind service in which I can send out a text message to everybody who signs up for the service. To sign up all you have to do is text @metropcaax to 81010. It will then ask you to respond with your name. It’s that easy. Your information is safe and all I can see is your name, not your number. If you want you could also download the Remind app so you can acknowledge you received the text. It’s not necessary to download the app and you will still receive the text notifications. I would recommend that everybody do this as this seems to be the most efficient way to get out important information such as cancellations due to weather, etc.

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