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So we were sup- posed to have two events at To- bay Beach in April but Mother Nature wasn’t so coop- erative this sea- son. I wished warm weather upon us for the end of last
season and I got that, but as a re- sult I think I shifted the weather pat- terns. This season it remained unsea- sonably cold way through April. We got the first event off but our last April event needed to be cancelled due to, believe it or not, wind. It’s very frustrating to have cars show up and then have to send them home. Rain is one thing but wind? It was brutally windy out there on the lot. When I arrived the porta- potty was tipped over on its side and the cones the beach staff uses to keep people off our lot were also laying down. A few diehard people came out however, it was smarter to cancel the event. Those guys who were still there as we were leaving were invited to the nearest diner for breakfast, the only benefit to can- celling events.
Anyway, the April 8th event, “The no more Snow Autocross” was a suc- cess. Russell Kremens volunteered to design the course even though he couldn’t make the event. Thanks Russell. The course flowed nicely and was enjoyed by everybody. Six- ty-four drivers came out to have fun and did not go home disappointed.
Well, maybe they did but nobody called me to tell me. Everybody got nine tries to earn the coveted FTD spot but at the end of the day, Adil Abdulali emerged with both the Fastest Time of the Day and the Fastest Pax of the Day. I offered to switch times with him but he refused. Here are the rest of the results.
To start us off Mitch Hackett took the win in S1 with a time of 45.385 seconds in his class of two drivers. Manny Gonzalez took the win in S2 with a time of 50.142 seconds. Dan Fishkind, that’s me, took the win in three-driver S3 with a time of 46.783 seconds to beat out second place driver James Azzinaro who drove the course in 48.949 seconds. Adil Abdulali, as you would expect from reading the previous paragraph, took the win in S5 with a time of 41.627 seconds to beat out Spencer Martin’s second place time of 43.534 seconds in this three-car class.
P2 was dominated by Graham Mingst who took the win over his brother John with a time of 44.805 seconds. Russell Bertels, past auto- cross chair, took the win in two-driver P3 with a 45.020 second trip around the lot. Russell is driving like he wants to be the present autocross chair again. Ed Trainer drove the course in 44.888 seconds for a first place slot in p6 while Augie Lacorazza’s time of 45.249 seconds was good enough to beat out Joe Portela’s second place time of 47.405 sec- onds in the three-driver class of P7.
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