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events today.
Here we go. For those of you who wished for summer, you got it. My car tem- perature read 102 degrees today and do you know what? I still would much rath- er have days like this than cold and snow. Any day that stops me from taking out my Porsche is a day that is not to be had. Although, it is a good thing there were no
Come on down and hang out, swim, eat and relax. There might also be an impromptu car show with awards.
August15isourfirstEscapetheRoomNight at Puzzle Break Long Island. If you have never tried one of these activities it’s a must. Din- ner will be served and then we’ll break up into groups and try to escape from a room by solv- ing clues and puzzles. After will be coffee and dessert. Also, don’t forget to look for Cars and Coffee events, Treks, Rallies, Concours, DE’s and Autocrosses during the summer. All the information you need can be found in this in- credible issue of the Porsche Post.
The 2019 year is fast approaching and it is time to commence the election process. As per the Metro NY bylaws the first step is the establish- ment of the nominating committee. This year’s Nominating Committee chair will be Scott Gra- ber and he will be assisted by Anthony Domi- nick and William Riehl. Their contact informa- tion can be found in this issue of the Porsche Post. Please feel free to contact them with any interest in standing for any Executive Board positions. Additional information regarding election related dates will be published here in the Porsche Post and on our website.
The official tally as of today shows that the Metro NY Region of the PCA has a total mem- bership of 3126 members. There are many dedicated people who work tirelessly to bring these events to you. Nothing would put a big- ger smile on their face than to see new mem- bers come on out. And I would love to person- ally meet every one of you so please come on down to your events and say hello. I guaran- tee that you will have a great time. Hope to see you ALL.
Yesterday was the Cars and Coffee at the Mel- ville office and it was well attended. One of our charities, The Songs of Love Foundation, came by to meet and greet everybody and talk about what they do. They are a great organiza- tion that creates personalized original songs to uplift children and teens currently facing tough medical, physical or emotional challenges. Each song is professionally produced and con- tains the child’s name, and a reference to all their favorite things, activities, people and pets. Songs are performed in the style of music the child or teen likes best by talented singer/song- writers. Come on down to the Old Westbury Event this year as Metro Members will be sing- ing on one of the songs.
The summer is going to be a busy one so don’t forget to sign up early for our events. By the time you read this the New Member meeting will most likely be in the past. If you do get this before July 8th sign up and come on down to the American Air Power Museum in Farming- dale where you will hear all our event chairs speak about their events. There will also be some amazing planes to tour. August 8 is our Metro Member Day at the Mansion. It a big pool party and BBQ at the Glen Cove Mansion.

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