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my morning paper (digitally, of course), especially on the weekends. Frequently, I drive one of my Porsche’s to Starbucks or a local bagel place. I am surprised with the conversations that are started when I pull in. (“What year”, “nice wheels”, “Is it stock?”). I have seen “regulars” who bring their Porsches and we park together and we chat about our cars, driving adventures and destinations. We don’t know each other outside of the coffee shop but we all have a Porsche and a story to tell. These are people like us, who are in love with their cars. We stand in the parking lot and compare cars and road stories. And instead of tacos, it is a latte or Venti Blonde in
our hands. For me, nothing has changed in 40 years; just a bunch of gear heads who finally bought the car we drooled over as kids, but now we have jobs, families, houses and responsibilties. Nonetheless, today we discussed exhaust systems and performance chips for about an hour. We agreed to meet back the following morn- ing to head over together to the second ”Caffeine and Carbs” event in New Canaan. The bond over Porsche is undeniable. I returned from my errands with a sense of camraderie. I recently found some old pictures of my Torino GT and my high school girlfriend’s ‘67 Mustang 2+2 fastback (yes, the “Bullitt Car” in the same green). Some
things never change.
Please see the flyer on page 41 regarding our Vintage rally to the north fork of Long Island. This will be a blast and everyone gets a prize. Don’t forget to register.
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Thank you, Adele Portanova

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